Wednesday, November 19, 2008

educational sociology & ME!

i thought that the subject sociology is damn borriingg.. but guess wut? as i flipped through the pages of the shouldnt-read-this-book (as mentioned by Aini) called educational sociology,my mind is twisting somewhere.

Previously, due to the unforgettable days of my practical with my students, i always bare in mind that- 'God, i'm not born to be a teacher'. The unbelievable behaviour of todays' teenagers were totally driving me out of this profession. Why bother to teach high schoolers? I got good results and should be better off continuing my studies to the higher level.

But the thought of becoming a teacher suddenly crossed my mind. But what made me? That is the power of the shouldnt-read-this-book. Basically, there's nothing much about the book. But as I studied the book (for the sake of the exam ;p), i realized that there's soo much space that I can use to improve myself in teaching. And maybe, the way I taught before, is the totally wrong way, which had covered my eyes from looking at the beautiful part of teaching!

A teacher is forever remembered as a teacher. You gained knowledge and skills from them. A teacher also teaches you how to behave and to survive in a community (The words came from the book ;p). But yes, I felt that to shape the behaviour and to instill the good values in our kids is my responsibility. If they succeed in life, being a respected person.. man!I'm their teacher!And if they turned out!I must have done something wrong.

To have myself sitting down and read the book, I couldnt help myself to realize that what a noble job that I am going to do. And now, I am fully ready with my whole heart, to dedicate myself to teach our kids!!Ya Allah, help me to keep these words in my mind..all the time..

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